Comics: Pride of Baghdad

I love a good graphic novel. And I’d heard great things about Pride of Baghdad. I mean, how could you not want to read it? Lions escape the Baghdad Zoo during the American military assault of Baghdad. It’s just good reading. What I think writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Niko Henrichon do best in the book is show the different angles of how a lions mind might work, and how families really do work. Being the head of one is tough. But having others doubting you or questioning your movements and you’ve go a very special survival story. Of course, politics litter the page. Is it impossible to tell the story of Baghdad without feeling sorry for any and everyone? I’m not sure. But there is never a moment in the graphic novel where I like humans at all. That is probably one of the points Vaughan was trying to make. And, of course, the ending is something I completely don’t agree with. I’m just tired of watching things die. It gets old. And I’m relatively young. But pick this graphic novel up. It’s well worth the read.