The Games: Alien Hominid

Ok, so, I’ve been playing games for a while. And, deep down, I feel like I’m good at them. And then, just when I feel alright about it, I play Alien Hominid and I get all pissed off! Why! Why is this game so damn hard? Yes, it is a side scroller, and you have the ability to jump and shoot stuff, yes, all that. But, the game is designed to either confuse or distract you. Just when you take a second and look at how amazing the graphics are, you get hit by something. And I don’t even want to talk about the bosses. Hard. Or the countless enemies you face. Hard. Or how the game is a one-shot-one-kill hit the face. Hard. But I love it so much. One more reason why the Xbox 360 arcade is a gold mind for Microsoft. Not developers. Sadly.