Nightlife: The Recession

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So, we are either in a Recession, or we are about to go into a Recession.  The people in power can’t seem to make up their minds which.  The Main Dude in power has decided that giving us free money with our tax refunds will make the Recession go away.  It sounds suspiciously like a bribe.  I’m not very politically.  Still, it is convenient that, in the midst of vital political decisions, the headlines of most newspapers are prophesying an economic collapse as if the Four Horsemen are merely counties away.   I’m not a fan of fear-mongering.  I’m not afraid.  I’ve been pour forever.  Poor people are never less poor or more poor.  We’re just always poor.  The fluctuation of monetary income only matters to people with money coming in.  Everything is expensive if you have three dimes and a few nickels in your pocket.  Continue reading


Impressions on the Incredible Hulk Trailer

I hated the first Hulk movie. It was confusing and horrible. And I never believed that anyone really cared about the movie. This new trailer for the Incredible Hulk still worries me. There is a huge monster. (And they let us see the monster way ahead of time? Who let’s that happen?) I guess they didn’t want to play with their audiance, which I completely respect. Instead of posting the trailer, which you can easily find on the Youtube, I thought I’d post a cool quote from Edward Norton about playing the Big Green badee.

Beginner’s guide to smoking…

The March 2008 issue of Esquire has a stupid picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger on it. The issue also slyly hides a crisp little nugget: An essay by Tom Chiarella called “Learning to Smoke”. Yes. He learns to smoke in his forties. The essay is so, so good. Here’s a simple:

Up and down the street, now blanketed by darkness, the street lamps formed friendly circles of light, so it looked like a kind of orchard. People stood, one and two per light, out there smoking cigarettes, looking up quietly at the stars or the cars or the windows of houses and stores.

“Wow,” I said.


“That’s a lot of smokers.” I flicked a finger up and down. “A smoke for every light.” There were others out there, I supposed.

“Yeah,” she said. “There are a lot. There always are.”

Really good stuff. Find it and pick it up.