The Games: Bioshock 2 confirmed…sadly.

So, news around various internet camp-fires is that Bioshock 2 has been completely 100% confirmed. This, of course, does not surprise me. Once EA bought out 2K and…wait. I keep forgetting that not everyone plays and keeps up with video games. Excuse me while I laugh at you. Sorry. Anyhow, Bioshock was and is my Game of the Year 2007. So good. But I fear for Bioshock 2. As was the case for the Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean, just because something was good does not mean it needs a successor. I’m sure some parents love and enjoy their first child. And since it was so much fun the first time, lets have another baby! And, thus, why so many 2nd born kids end up being horrible people. Sometimes the first time is the best, and I firmly believe this to be the case of Bioshock. They don’t need to make one. The first story was complete and fine in its perfection. And wasn’t Bioshock pulled from System Shock and System Shock 2? So, we are actually going to get System Shock 4? The point is, I doubt it will be good. My advice for the developers? Sand. Go the opposite route. Be bold.


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  1. Well…you might run, but you can not hide.

    I’d like to give you this comment post as an official gift from the courts of anonymous. Hello.

  2. Wait, didn’t the story of Bioshock kind of, you know, end? With a conclusion and what-have-you?

    Just make a new game and call it Cortex Shock or something guys. WE WON’T CARE IF YOU DO A GOOD JOB

  3. I believe that what u said was very wrong and not well thought through i know one will probably read this but i must express my case look at halo the first one was awesome the second was good to and the 3rd one well the best so i think u have to know the games background of the game and see the second one to know if the game is good! I would also like to give another exsample of this look a gta the 1st one will sucked! but over time it evoled until what we have now GTA4! Thank you!

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